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Golden Grain Ltd

We supply grain and stock food for a variety of animals ranging from Alpacas, Rabbits, Chickens, Dairy, Horse and even Dogs.

We are a family owned & operated business based in Edgecumbe, New Zealand.

Our mission statement is to provide a high quality stock feed at a reasonable price with great service!

What to Consider When Purchasing the Highest Quality Cattle Feed in NZ

When you want the highest quality cattle feed in NZ, you want to ensure that the ingredients meet the specific needs of your animals. Golden Grain grows, harvests, and packages feed at our location while offering you exceptional customer service. Learn why our customers return to us year after year.

What to Consider Before Buying Cattle Feed in NZ

Cattle need a balance of protein, carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins, and minerals to maintain healthy weight and stamina. Learn how cow feed and calf feed vary depending on the factors below.

  • Cattle that eat forage get most of their calories by grazing in pastures or fields, or they eat preserved feed such as hay. A mineral supplement is recommended for pasture cattle in the spring to prevent a condition called grass tetany, which is a magnesium deficiency. Since the progression of the decease is fast, death can occur quickly.
  • Nutritional needs are different whether you have show cattle, dairy cattle, or beef cattle. The dietary requirements vary, as well, for the age of the animal. Cows and calves may need pelletized feed if they graze on dry lots, and block feed serves pasture cattle better.
  • Cattle always need a source of fresh water , and water consumption influences the amount of feed your animals consume. If water consumption is low, they will drink less, and water intake should increase during high temperatures, as well as the last four months of pregnancy. Different feeds contain varying percentages of protein, fat, and fibre, which you must consider when to ensure a balanced diet.

Why You Should Trust Golden Grain for Cattle Feed NZ

With over 35 years in the business, we are passionate about offering you the best products at affordable prices. Learn why our grain and stock feed is the best you can buy.

  • We grow our maize. Our highly trained mill hands harvest the crops and dry the maize before packaging our feed for sale. By following the production from seeds to packaging, we can ensure that you purchase the highest quality feed available because it is locally grown and sourced.
  • Because we are a smaller, family-owned operation, we can attend to the specific needs of your cattle. Whatever you require, we can offer custom-made products to suit your needs in a timely fashion.
  • We make our products on-site daily. When you arrive for pick up, you will receive the freshest feed. All our products are made with the cattleā€™s needs in mind so that you can rest assured you get the highest quality feed for your animal.

We offer the freshest and highest quality feed for your cattle.

About Golden Grain

For 35 years, we have focused on providing our customers with stock feed that is top-quality, fresh, and affordable. Our goal is to offer your cattle with the best products available and give you exceptional service. Please contact us with any questions. Our cattle feed is the best in the industry. Drive over to our location for delivery today.