Rapeseed Oil

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Cold pressed, GE free, rapeseed oil (canola oil)

Pure Oil NZ cold presses rapeseed oil and has capacity to produce 36,000KGs of oil a day. The excellent seed handling, drying and storage facilities preserve the quality of the seed and produce high grade oil. GE free oilseed rape is sourced from New Zealand cropping farmers.

Cold pressing

Oil is extracted under a cold pressing processing using 8 KEK500 screw presses. . No solvents or added heat are applied during the oil extraction process and the resultant oil retains its orignal profile from the seed. Tempature of the oil during the oil extraction process is kept low and free fatty acids, peroxide and phosphoridtes level remain low and no trans fats.


Oil is filtered via a three stage process:

1) leaf filter - removes the flecks of seed husk in the oil from the pressing process

2) bag filter - filters oil down to 100 microns

3) cartage filter - the cartage filter removes all remaining fine particles producing a transparent golden oil

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