Palm Kernel 20kg

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Palm Kernel is a palatable feed stuff that is the by-product of palm oil extraction and is recommended for calf and ruminant feeds. It has the ability to replace some higher cost protein sources while providing cost effective energy. The product originates from Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Palm Kernel meal is also an excellent source of energy, protein and minerals for larger ruminants. It can negate some of the negative effects of feeding high starch levels on rumen health because it is supplying energy from the oil portion.

This product can also help balance diets that are high in maize silage and also diets low in digestible protein and high in fibre.

Palm Kernel meal is also an excellent economic emergency and drought relief feedstuff.

Palm Kernel is a slow but very fermentable product. Palm Kernel has high digestibility in ruminants, therefore provides constant energy release and help maintain rumen pH in the optimum range for best rumen function and animal performance.

Nutrient Specification
Typical Analysis
ME 11.8% – 12.1% MJ
Crude Protein 16 – 18%
Fat 8 %
Dry Matter 90%

Palm Kernel can be included at 10-25% of total cows diet, Palm Kernel provides extra protein and fat in summer when pasture protein and digestibility can be low.

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