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Harvest Grains MEGA-PRO™


Energy 14%, C Protein 15%, omega 3 oil, high vitamin E
Horses with moderate to high energy requirements
• Suitable for all ages of thoroughbred race horses
• Pre-training and full preparation to race day
• Ready 2 Run preparation
• A suitable option for many horses prone to tying up
• Suitable for all type of hard working horses
• Horses needing a high nutrient, energy dense feed

Premium extruded & cold pressed proteins may help improve muscle integrity, maintenance and
recovery of horses in full training and competition. Paired with grain, seed, legume, fibers and fresh cold pressed balanced omega oils to provide sources of energy needed for optimum performance. Chelated,inorganic and organic minerals, coated vitamins, rich anti-oxidants and a total Vitamin E 603iu per kg may speed the recovery from daily exercise.
Combined with optimum levels of bone minerals, MEGA-PRO may provide increased benefits for the younger horse in hard work. When feeding below the high kg rate per day topping up any nutrient shortfalls with a measured dose of quality mineral & vitamin supplement may help prevent your horses health and metabolism from being compromised.
Add salt or electrolytes as work intensity or sweat loss increases
Seek advice if not sure your horse is receiving the correct amount of selenium

Barley, maize, sunflower, lupins, peas, extruded proteins, seeds, cold pressed proteins, flax, legumes, legume husk, lucerne, cold pressed oils, additional omega 3 oil, molasses, chelated minerals, organic minerals, coated vitamins, anti-oxidants.

Pro & Pre-biotics, oligasaccharides, ACVM registered toxin binder, organic selenium yeast as Alkosel®, Lallemand Melofeed® anti-oxidant, natural European vitamin E

Lysine 6g, Calcium 6.8g, Phosphorus 4.3g, Copper 43.2mg, Zinc 107.1mg, Selenium 0.4mg, (100% european orgainc), Manganese 200mg, Iodine 1.14mg, Iron 155mg, Folic Acid 3.25mg, Sodium 3.5g, Chloride 7.1g, Magnesium 3g, Methionine 1.3g, Potassium 6.1g, Vitamin A 10083iu, Vitamin D 1518iu, Vitamin E 603.7iu, Vitamin B1 8.5mg, Vitamin B2 5.9mg, Niacin B3 48.1mg, Vitamin B5 16.2mg, Vitamin B6 7.1mg, Vitamin B12 50μg, Biotin H2 0.3mg, Chromium 1mg, Vitamin K3 3mg, Cobalt 0.5mg

spelling/rehab / 300kg = 0.5 - 2kg / 400kg = 1 - 3kg / 500kg = 2 - 4kg / 600kg = up to 5kg

light work / 300kg = 1 - 2.5kg / 400kg = 2 - 3.5kg / 500kg = 3 - 4.5kg / 600kg = up to 5kg

moderate work / 300kg = 2 - 3kg / 400kg = 3 - 4kg / 500kg = 4 - 5kg / 600kg = up to 6kg

heavy work / 300kg = 3 - 4kg / 400kg = 4 - 5kg / 500kg = 5 - 6kg / 600kg = up to 7kg

Weanlings, Yearlings & Miniature horses - do not exceed 1kg per 100kg bodyweight

Not suitable for equines suffering EMS, laminitis or cushings disease

If feeding Harvest Grains MEGA-PRO for the first time gradually introduce over a minimum 10 days so the horses digestive system can adjust gradually to the new diet, proteins and oils.
When in moderate/heavy work split daily total between a minimum 3 feeds per day.
Ensure your horses receive a minimum 1.5% of their body-weight as additional good quality fiber and give open access to fresh clean drinking water and salt block if needed.
Selenium testing is advisable to ensure levels meet the horses individual needs

Keep in a cool dry place away from sunlight.
For best results use within 6 weeks.

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