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High Quality Grain & Stockfood

Golden Grain Ltd

We supply grain and stock food for a variety of animals ranging from Alpacas, Rabbits, Chickens, Dairy, Horse and even Dogs.

We are a family owned & operated business based in Edgecumbe, New Zealand.

Our mission statement is to provide a high quality stock feed at a reasonable price with great service!

High Quality Grain & Stockfood

Lucerne Chaff

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Lucerne chaff (also known as alfalfa) is chaffed lucerne crop. It is a good fibre source and has a significant profile of other nutrients. DIRECTIONS FOR USE * Lucerne chaff can be included in the diets of horses, beef and dairy cattle, pigs poultry and sheep. * Lucerne chaff can be included in the diets of layer hens and broiler chickens to aid in the yellow coloring of the yolks and meat respectively. * Use as part of a balanced diet * Use the following guidelines for maximum inclusion rates in the diets SUGGESTED MAXIMUM INCLUSION RATES IN A TOTAL RATION Species PIGS Breeding 15% Growing 10% Starter Nil Poultry Broiler and Layer 8% Horses 50% Cattle 30% Sheep 20%     STORAGE Store in a cool shaded and dry place away from vermin.  
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