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High Quality Grain & Stockfood

Leg Up Performance Oil

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Leg Up Performance Oil

Leg Up Performance Oil combines premium New Zealand grown cold pressed rapeseed oil and NZ Hoki Oil to assist horses to look and perform at their best.

Leg Up Performance Oil provides horses with the essential long chain omegas EPA & DHA. These omegas improve oxygen delivery to the muscles which increases the time a horse can maintain peak intensity in the final stages of their event. This Omega 3 rich equine oil also provides the horse with anti-inflammatory responses which reduces joint and muscle damage including arthritis and tie up.

  • Improves coat shine and body condition
  • Improves recovery after competitions
  • Strengthens immune and respiratory systems
  • Calms temperament of excitable horses
  • Cool source of energy
  • Improves fertility
  • Beneficial to horses with gastric ulcers
  • Optimum 2:1 Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio
Typical Analysis
Energy 37 MJ/KG
Saturated 6%
Polyunsaturated 31%
Monounsaturated 63%
Omega 3 Linoleic 11%
Omega 6 Linoleic 20%
Omega 9 Oleic 63%

Feeding Guide
Spelling/Light work Racing/Competition
300-400kg 40-60ml 50-100ml
400-500kg 50-100ml 100-150ml
500-600kg 60-120ml 150-200ml

Commence feeding at 30-40ml per day, and gradually increase over 10-14 days to required level.

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