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Kibbled Maize is an energy dense feed grown locally in Edgecumbe, NZ.

Kibbled Maize has the highest energy source of most of the cereals and contains more oil than in wheat or barley.

Kibbled Maize provides a high starch feed that is slower to degrade in the rumen than cooked grains.

A fantastic product to blend with PKE to provide a balanced, energy-dense feed option post-calving.

Dry Matter 87 - 89%
Protein 8 - 10%
Energy (ME) 14.7 MJ/kg DM
Starch 69.7%
NDF 8.7%

Feeding recommendations

Requirements will differ depending on current diet.

It is recommended you feed 0.5kg–2kg/cow/day and use as part of a blended ration to increase starch and energy levels of the feed.

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