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Hobby Meal is suitable for horses that need additional conditioning.This meal has a high fat and oil content which is perfect for putting the condition back on. It is designed as a complete feed that needs only good quality hay or pasture to balance the horse’s nutritional intake. Sustained energy balanced with low protein ingredients.

Our Hobby Meal is manufactured with locally grown and New Zealand sourced ingredients that contain forage fibres, vitamins and minerals.

Nutritional Info: (% DM)

Crude Protein:11.9%

NDF (Neutral Detergent Fibre):14.8%


Crude Fat (approx.):4.5%

DOMD (Digestibility of Organic Matter in Dry Matter):84.1%

Ingredients Selected from:

Kibbled Maize, Grain By-Products, Barley, Copra, Linseed, Lucerne, Plant Proteins, Vitamins & Minerals, Molasses.

Feeding Recommendations:

Light work/maintenance – 2kg/day

Moderate work – 3kg/day

Hard work/conditioning – 4kg/day


Ensure product is stored in a cool, dry, vermin free environment, out of direct sunlight.

Available in 20kg bags or bulk (minimum of 250kg order considered for bulk)

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