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We supply grain and stock food for a variety of animals ranging from Alpacas, Rabbits, Chickens, Dairy, Horse and even Dogs.

We are a family owned & operated business based in Edgecumbe, New Zealand.

Our mission statement is to provide a high quality stock feed at a reasonable price with great service!

High Quality Grain & Stockfood

Farmyard Mix - Tonne

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Farmyard Meal is a lower protein meal that is designed to provide a balanced feed suitable for rearing systems or as a finisher for weaned calves as well as nutritional supplement for goats, sheep and other general farmyard animals.

Our Farmyard meal is manufactured with locally grown and quality ingredients.

Nutritional Info: (% DM)

Crude Protein: (minimum) – 15%

NDF (Neutral Detergent Fibre):18.2%


Crude Fat (approx.):3.6%

MJ/kgDM (Metabolisable Energy):13

Ingredients Selected from:

Kibbled Maize, Grain By-Products, Crushed Barley, Copra, Soya Meal, Plant Proteins, Vitamins & Minerals, Molasses.

Feeding Recommendations:

Calves – 1 – 2kg per day

Cows – up to 2kg per day

Goats/Sheep etc – 100g – 200g per day

Please note:Where a change of feed type or volume is incorporated into the diet it should be introduced gradually eg.Over a 7-10 day period.Abrupt changes in diet should be avoided.


Ensure product is stored in a cool, dry, vermin free environment, out of direct sunlight.

Available in 25kg bags or bulk (minimum of 250kg order considered for bulk)

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