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High Quality Grain & Stockfood

Extruded Rice 20kg bag

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Dunstan Extruded Rice with Rice Bran Oil nugget is formed through the extrusion of polished white rice after mixing with Rice Bran Oil.

Extruded Rice, like the cereals Maize, Barley and Oats, is a carbohydrate source, noted for its contribution to non heating, digestible energy in the horses diet.

Extruded Rice has an energy value above that of Oats and Barley, and similar to that of Maize.

Rice is often said to be ' Anti-Allergenic' and for animals that react to Gluten, rice is often used as the cereal of choice

Rice Bran Oil is included in this product to complement the energy status of Rice. However, within Rice Bran Oil is a natural compound, Gamma Oryzanol, known for it's effect on muscle integrity and development.

Extruded Rice plus Rice Bran Oil is well digested by the horse and therefore provides for a readily available non heating energy source, without the risk of hind gut fermentation which often leads to digestive upset or colic.

The extrusion of rice to gelatanise the starch offers further opportunity for enhanced digestion. The combination of Extruded Rice with Rice Bran Oil will provide the following nutritional benefits

  • Muscle Building/Body Conditioning, particularly important in growing horses, racehorses in work and all horses being worked at high energy demands.
  • A non heating, high energy component to the diet.
  • A highly digestible component to the diet.
  • Will assist in the prevention of "Tying Up" in horses prone to this condition.
  • Will enhance coat sheen.


Crude Protein 7.0% Minimum

Fibre 3.0% Maximum

Fat 10.0% Maximum

Salt 0.5% Maximum

DE Mj/Kg 17.0


Rice, Rice Bran Oil Feeding Recommendations It is suggested that Extruded Rice with Rice Bran Oil forms part of the cereal component to provide a variety of energy sources in the horses diet.

Racework: Feed 0.5 - 1.5kg per horse per day depending on activity level.

Conditioning Feed: Feed 0.5 - 1.5kg per horse per day according to body weight.

As with all cereals, avoid feeding in single, large meals. Preferably split the daily feed amount into 2 or preferably 3 feeds per day.

Always ensure the horses requirements for fibre/roughage are met (minimum 1% bodyweight of fibre per horse per day)

Available in 20kg bags

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