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Cool Feed McMillan Cool Feed is a high fibre, low GI feed formulated for horses and ponies in light to medium work.

Includes super fibres to help maximise digestibility as well as natural vitamin E and Zinpro organic trace minerals for optimum health and vitality. COOL FEED DELIVERS:

• Low GI formula for slow release energy

• High fibre ingredients including super fibres beet pulp and soy hulls for optimum digestive health

• Balanced nutrients and natural vitamin E for overall health and wellbeing

• Highly bioavailable Zinpro organic trace minerals including zinc and copper that are essential for promoting coat and hoof health


Cool Feed has been formulated to complement New Zealand forages and provide the correct balance of all essential nutrients when fed at the following levels daily:

BODY WEIGHT 400kg 500kg 600kg
Spelling 1–3kg 2–4kg 3–5kg
Light Work 2–3kg 3–4kg 4–5kg
Moderate Work 3–4kg 4–5kg 5–6kg

The above table is a guide only and the amount fed should be adjusted according to the horse’s age, temperament, condition, body weight and workload. When combined with forage, the above indicated amounts of Cool Feed will provide more than the minimum National Research Council (NRC) requirements for each essential nutrient.

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