Aviverm Poultry Wormer - 50ml

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It is recommended by vets to worm poultry at least 2 times per year.

AVIVERM will not affect the growth rate or egg production of birds nor will it affect fertility or hatchability of fertile eggs.

Simple to use, just to add to your chooks drinking water at a rate of 1 mls per 9 kgs of body weight.
E.g 1 x average sized chicken like a Brown shaver would weigh approx 2.5 to 3.0 kgs.
If you have 3 x hens in your flock, only 1 mls of Aviverm is required to treat them all.

1 mls added to 1 litre of water (Based on approx 300mls per hen per day) should see them right for about 8 hours.

A follow up treatment 5 to 7 days later is important, as this will get any eggs that have hatched & break the worms breeding cycle.
It is recommended to remove all drinking water from your flock a couple of hours prior to giving them the Aviverm treated water, this way your hens will all get a good even dose. Make sure there is no other drinking water present before or during treatment.

Chook Manor Tip: As Aviverm may taste sour to your chooks taste buds, try adding some Manuka honey or Cranberry juice to the treated water to cover up the sour taste ;~) Your chooks will love it.

Please note: This product is supplied in a 100 mls bottle, although it appears 1/2 full, you are still receiving 50 mls as advertised.

IMPORTANT: Withholding period for eating eggs or birds produced for meat is 7 days after treatment! Read instructions on bottle thoroughly before use!

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